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Getting old is a must to everyone who have the chance.. (exclude to those who died young). Healthy or not still there is no second option. We can choose either become old gracefully or painfully.

I woke up in the morning n feel pain on my back. I know slowly I joint the ‘season’ club. Seeing older people with difficulties is totally different with handling own disabilities or problem.

I use to climb up trees but now to climb up few steps of stairs is a huge problem. Sitting down or standing too long also become a nightmare.

I become a frequent visitor to the hospitals. Doctor advised me to shed away kilos, again she mentioned woman in the later age facing low metabolic rate. My goodness, I’m facing one problem to another.

This when I decide to age gracefully rather then worried about something that surely come. I enjoyed my day despite of having a rough one or not. There were times I felt hopeless but able to move around and travel to some new places made my life meaningful. Yup life is beauiful…indeed really beautiful.




Monday blue I guess not applicable to Monday only. After taking off for few days the very next day I have to come to work…I’m feeling blue. It was not even Monday.

Headache, muscle sore n to name few other problem arises are significantly common to me or others also facing the same ‘blue’ I’m in. If only I could find the fastest remedy and cure all my so call lazy syndrome I will be the happiest person today. I think ‘this’ syndrome are the biggest contribution of me being shown ‘bi…g number’ on the weight scale. Miracle pills where are u?

Anyhow, anybody have the same problem?..



Walking up n down the stairs made me feel exhausted so much. I didn’t bring a thing just checking disposable item from 1st to ground level. What fascinated me were the movers. They were stacking up 1 or 2 large boxes full of unnecessary items. All were foreign workes n I saw sweat running down their face. They cringed each time they lift up the box,  good enough to show the burden. Be it the heaviness of the box or responsibility back in their hometown. Most were quite young in their late twenties compare to me in my ‘4 series’ of age. They look soo ‘matured’ or shall I said old…

I was once told by my husband that most of their family didn’t bother the hardship they were facing.  His workers did confess, their family members back in their country was only thinking about money. They worked even on public holiday to get an extra as the wages itself couldn’t afford to accomodate what their families want. I feel sorry for them.

If just I could change the situations I prefer them back to their own country enjoy their living. For those living fortunate way of life this was a very good example to cheer ones life. Put a little bit of kindness in every actions we take. It will not make us any poorer to offer people a glass of water….

Trip of a lifetime


Eating Bok-eo was never came across my mind. I’m quite selective in terms of food compare to other family members. Oops.. I forgot to tell, Bok-eo is Korean name for puffer fish. On our trip to Busan recently we were looking for a place to eat and on the top spot was seafood as Busan also famous for it.

I could say each dish consist variety of seaweed, pickles and of course Bok-eo as the main dish. My mother was the first to say that it taste like puffer-fish but I hesitate to believe. My husband went outside to where they place a large basin full of puffer fish. He came in with sheepish smile on his face. “Wow, I eat Puffer today” he said. As I had never ate puffer before it kind of wierd to eat and the taste also not the one I use to. It cost us 10,000 won each and what surprised me was that cashier won’t accept people paid for others. We were made to line up to pay the bills. Something new though…

Back to Canvas Hostel the room were ready and we rushed our belongings in and get ready to roam. I chose private room to all members who joint the trip. Each of us were on twin sharing except my mom and sister took the family room as my aunt and cousin also joining them. The room surprisingly clean and neat with private bathroom and looks like a 3 star hotel instead of hostel. What I like about Canvas Hostel we can cook our own food. My mom and aunt excitedly suggesting to go to Haeundae Beach for sightseeing. It was around 2 pm but the cold breeze made it feels like early morning. I saw my mom smiling from ear to ear same goes few others who never been abroad before. I took deep breath, I swear it was the best moment ever seeing them happy..

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Luv U All……



My spouse and I were talking about business strategy when my mind drift away from a trip to Cambodia few years ago. Before landing all my thinking was about the legendary Angkor Wat, Angelina Jolie famous movie Tombstone and shopping. We landed at Siem Reap airport and was shocked by the sudden heat I felt. It was dry season and I could feel the warm breeze passed by.

I was quite surprised how poor majorities of the people. The schools for the poor runs by NGO, mostly from South Korea, Japan and France apart some were partial funded by foreign banks there. I saw few people selling self made handicrafts and to my astonishment they were crippled or disabled. I was told by the tour guide that it was resulted by landmines scattered all over the countries. I managed to speak to one of the victim and she told me her “not so fond memories”. She showed me her skills weaving silk thread barely using one hand and one leg as both her right arm and leg amputated. It was really hard initially but she had to push herself to her limit otherwise she will become a burden to her mom. Her father was not in his sound mind effect of watching two of his sons being shot at their head with his own bare eyes by khmer rouge troop. Ironically it was their own people that did this to them. I could see determination and passion in her eyes every time she spoke. She spoke basic english but it does not deter her from being talkative to strangers. She showed me some material and crafts decorated with silk. I bought one despite of having any interest on the craft. What fascinated me so much was, seeing her tiny finger seems like dancing while weaving.

Life is not easy but God show me the beauty of it as long we embrace all with grace n passion. Happiness is always there…FB_IMG_1492570684519.jpg

p/s… please ignore the quality of the 2nd photo. ..amateurs…hahaha credit Siti Nazlin FB




Wow… I’ve been away for ages. I missed a lot of opportunities to share n blend with the community. I never knew broken spirit n being tossed away really put an impact on me. It seems my world getting smaller each day, until I almost suffocated.

I started late to counter back my difficulties.  I finally realized that no one able to help except  ME, yes myself. I’m chasing my long ago dream. Despite of finding my pocket running thin I started to travel again. Guess what I brought together the whole bunch of people who were thinking getting abroad only daydreaming.  I found happiness again in the smiling face of the ‘CLAN’. When I first told my spouse he said it was nice plan but seems absurd. I call my mom and asked her if she wanted to travel with me. She couldn’t believe I called her at 1 am  in the morning just to ask that simple question. She’s happy as I’m back in the `mood’.

Ups and down are the ingredients of life…its all depends on ourselves how to spice up our life’s and live to the fullest. There is always blessing in disguise and light at the end of a tunnel...NICE TO BE BACK.



imageBack in the 80’s where twin were consider rare in the community I used to feel odd and some kind of abnormal. People use to switch in between the two of us. Even my mom happened to wrongly fed my twin medicine as she sometimes couldn’t identified  unless ‘scanned’ us repeatedly. The only person that never made mistake was my father. How I missed him dearly.

This create problem since then until I land my second job in a financial institutions and she is attached to a government school. To my amused, attending a customer in my office, the wife busy asking am I running my part time job as a consultant. I have to give my standard explaination and somehow I think easier for me to record my answer and play it whenever people ask. Same goes to my twin, handling pupils registration parents came and asked for current deposits interest rates and documents needed to apply loans. When asked why didn’t they went to the bank to ask, she is mistakenly assume to be banks staff on charity events.

I remembered while standing at the back of my boss, he called me loudly. I thought he was somehow angry and asked him what’s the matter. To my surprised he answered me in a way I felt awkward. ” Since when were you at my back. I saw you on the opposite site chit chatting with office customers”. Wow..

This also create problems early stage of my school days. I was noted as hyperactive kid, outspoken and noisy kind of person. Contrast to my twin she’s kind of timid back then. There was one particular day, she create ‘mini orchestra’ at the back of the class as we were sitting last in row. Our teacher turn back and directly called my name. She asked me to stand outside at classroom balcony. Both of us try to explain but the teacher didn’t accept. On our way back home, even I’m quite disappointed on how our teacher react both of us laughed ourselves out.

Whatever it is, we both have gone through our ups down together regardless having our own family. I will always treasure the bonds we have had since inside the womb till now.