Sweet & Raw


When ever me n my spouse traveling we will always drawn to the words “FOOD”. Some might say shopping, sightseeing, adventure.. but for us what brings us together are foods. Typical woman, yes I love to shop. Him.. adventure. Little argument I must say is common while travel. For food I can say it helps us to ‘reconcile’ faster..hmm.

I admire my spouse skills in searching for best food to eat and yes, his eagle eyes never missed to judge by the way it looks. That’s why I need him I guess (hope he doesn’t misunderstood me).

I remember once, he mentioned to me. You will know a person and place character from the food they serve. Well my hometown a bit raw and him, sweet sweet juicy food..Yup. I’m raw in decision making and him, sweet talk but spicy meaning as always..


Porsche or Bike..


On my way home, sky start pouring heavily. Thank God, at last the weather will be a bit colder than usual. As usual, I’ll be his most loyal passenger sitting beside. Pointing his mouth to a couple and their kid on a bike “We should be grateful” he said without looking at me. A minute ago we were talking about a porsche speeding ahead, how we wish to have car like that.

My mind suddenly roaming around. How I complaint about the intense heat while walking out of my fully air conditioned office, how hard to find good food around with a dozen of complaints if I put all in the list. Well yes I saw constructions people working in mid afternoon or once a while went to my hometown and saw people working in their vegie farm but still I’ll just think it is their job. Today instead of thinking in my monotone mode I shift it out of my norm. Lucky, lucky, lucky me. How the couple acted to keep the journey safe in the pouring rain, with the wife covered their little girl with simple plastic bag running like mid night show in my mind.

Porsche, our car or  a bike.. the function is to bring person from one place to another. I realized what we have is another dream of somebody. Likewise what belongs to other people is a dream for us. Working in the office, farm or constructions, still we are lucky as we have job to EARN OUR LIVING..

Coffee N Tea

coffee n tea

I bet all of us must at least took sip of coffee, tea or both. Funny, difference between this two drinks can bring a persons drawn to each other. Make it simple. I’m a coffee lover n my spouse don’t even have a pinch of coffee in his house before married.

In life we actually didn’t realize that human have the tendency of thinking too much about difference rather than similarity. People become analytic and critical to each other. Jokes are no longer around and replace by cynical phrase. No wonder ‘shrink’ become common and not only for those who have depression issues. I’m not looking down for those have depression as I been there before (don’t get me wrong). I wish that everybody can emphasize on the similarity that shared even a tiny bit of it. We may not know that it might be the ‘wow thing’ that we’ve been waiting for.

Believe it or not, once we become more open and stop being perfect things slowly runs smooth…don’t you think…well I do


Suspension Bridge

Working in line with financial company link me to insurance business. While in a meeting I happened to be amuse by the words mastectomy. Believe it or not, some might think the world collapsed, my goodness Armageddon is coming..scary. I might sound cruel but in fact I’ve been trough this before (in a sense some other disease).  Why, why?? Woman consider her ‘best part’ removed. Like losing a diamond. Still re construct is widely become option.

My my mind keep flowing to the words WONDER BRA. Inner wear that become part of the body… Like soft silk bodice hung to a lady. Woman wore it with poise, feeling great and confident. Come on, It’s time to create something woman can wear with pride, without having to run around the bush to explain bla, bla bla.. Don’t you think so.

Magic strap…

imageI felt years since the last I post something on my other site. Tiring, monotonous and dull best describe my life for the past few years. Coming to this I become a bit grumpy..was I? Fatigue is my most common diagnosed whenever I came to visit my doctor. Sitting in my office one fine morning, I remember about two ladies talking to each other while waiting for my turn in the clinic.

Both in the same age but look like mother and daughter… (aha.. gotcha, eavesdrop while the receptionist asked about their age). I try to figure out what makes them too far different. Both have a lovely round face, fair skin and slender. Same height same weight I made my wild guess. Finally I knew the answer when one of them pull her bra strap to adjust what seems to loose and pulling her ‘magic orb’ towards the gravity. Now I understand the power of bra. It came to my thought that whoever invent this small pieces of woman undergarment I should put some respect as it proven to be changing peoples life and how others look at us.