Magic strap…

imageI felt years since the last I post something on my other site. Tiring, monotonous and dull best describe my life for the past few years. Coming to this I become a bit grumpy..was I? Fatigue is my most common diagnosed whenever I came to visit my doctor. Sitting in my office one fine morning, I remember about two ladies talking to each other while waiting for my turn in the clinic.

Both in the same age but look like mother and daughter… (aha.. gotcha, eavesdrop while the receptionist asked about their age). I try to figure out what makes them too far different. Both have a lovely round face, fair skin and slender. Same height same weight I made my wild guess. Finally I knew the answer when one of them pull her bra strap to adjust what seems to loose and pulling her ‘magic orb’ towards the gravity. Now I understand the power of bra. It came to my thought that whoever invent this small pieces of woman undergarment I should put some respect as it proven to be changing peoples life and how others look at us.



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