Coffee N Tea

coffee n tea

I bet all of us must at least took sip of coffee, tea or both. Funny, difference between this two drinks can bring a persons drawn to each other. Make it simple. I’m a coffee lover n my spouse don’t even have a pinch of coffee in his house before married.

In life we actually didn’t realize that human have the tendency of thinking too much about difference rather than similarity. People become analytic and critical to each other. Jokes are no longer around and replace by cynical phrase. No wonder ‘shrink’ become common and not only for those who have depression issues. I’m not looking down for those have depression as I been there before (don’t get me wrong). I wish that everybody can emphasize on the similarity that shared even a tiny bit of it. We may not know that it might be the ‘wow thing’ that we’ve been waiting for.

Believe it or not, once we become more open and stop being perfect things slowly runs smooth…don’t you think…well I do



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