Porsche or Bike..


On my way home, sky start pouring heavily. Thank God, at last the weather will be a bit colder than usual. As usual, I’ll be his most loyal passenger sitting beside. Pointing his mouth to a couple and their kid on a bike “We should be grateful” he said without looking at me. A minute ago we were talking about a porsche speeding ahead, how we wish to have car like that.

My mind suddenly roaming around. How I complaint about the intense heat while walking out of my fully air conditioned office, how hard to find good food around with a dozen of complaints if I put all in the list. Well yes I saw constructions people working in mid afternoon or once a while went to my hometown and saw people working in their vegie farm but still I’ll just think it is their job. Today instead of thinking in my monotone mode I shift it out of my norm. Lucky, lucky, lucky me. How the couple acted to keep the journey safe in the pouring rain, with the wife covered their little girl with simple plastic bag running like mid night show in my mind.

Porsche, our car or  a bike.. the function is to bring person from one place to another. I realized what we have is another dream of somebody. Likewise what belongs to other people is a dream for us. Working in the office, farm or constructions, still we are lucky as we have job to EARN OUR LIVING..


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