In order to be kind, we have to be cruel. Wow nice quotes, indeed it is absolutely true. Sometimes I found life a bit cruel from my very own view. I walked out of my house with slouching posture. Tiny little black birds keep flying above my head in circles..guess what. It comes in package. The sky look grey, everything become dull and I felt every single human I met was staring at me with one scary look. Nevertheless what becomes my bread and butter now taste like vinegar. I wonder why life and the universe become so cruel towards me.

I realised that I was being too tough to my self and again unfair to my surroundings. Life have ups n down, only few incidents will follow our wants. Mostly will go against our will. Sitting alone while sipping my mocha my minds awake to the facts that I was teach to become patience, think wisely, to grow old gracefully.. To accept with open heart and mind. Then I start to see what a beautiful place I live in, nice people to make friends with (still few I couldn’t cope with to be frank.. I can’t deny that haha). True enough it takes long time to create a diamonds.. Pressure, time and maturity..



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