Couple-sunsetI easily dozed off whenever I travel n this contradict my husband nature. He can sit for hours without sleeping. Between 40 minutes into journey I will started to feel very sleepy and my head became like woodpeckers knocking it beaks on a tree. I couldn’t help even how much I try to be wide awake. There was incident I took a small spray bottle to spray my eyes so I wouldn’t fall asleep. Wow, I would say it wouldn’t work.

Sometimes spouse can be our finest buddy but also the best critic. I remember one fine day, we were traveling n my ‘King’ was driving. As usual I felt sleepy and keep on yawning. I could never guess he will ‘bombard’ me with his words. “I thought we were staying in Asia and not somewhere in the Arctic Circle. You should be living in Iceland instead. It suits you well with longer time during the night” he didn’t even glance like what he use to when he spoke during his driving. Hewww…the words stung and I’ve been awake till we reached our destination. I guess guys can become very cynical ..like mom’s word..Agree?


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