imageI’m not a food enthusiasts nor am I a food blogger. Still something about food create an aura for me to be link to some peoples life or me attached to them. I was transferred to a new place and I felt like an ogre among human. Language barrier is my common problem as I’m stick to my pure Sabahan dialect n my new place is a mixture of many sorts of local dialect be it Minang, Kelantan and so forth.

After married I never bother to cook as I still stay with my mom while my husband living far away abroad. Frankly I only cook basic things to eat as long not sleeping with an empty stomach. As my sister also coming in n stay together..voilà life becomes easier. No more cooking.. Y should I be in a kitchen when I have two best chef in the house. Then my ‘kitchen vacation’ ended as I lived by my own, I meant with my husband.

I’m drawn to one person in my workplace, the first person asked me out for lunch. HER jovial nature, motherly attitude well masked what she has gone through. Surprisingly person I once found quite ‘rough’ at that point of time become my closest friend.

Googling about recipes and phone calls become routines but never did the food taste  like one. I cook chicken in oyster sauce it ends up like sour sauce chicken. Then I started to halt myself from cooking. Yup, my buddy (spouse) started to question and again I forced my self to cook. I saw my mom n mother in law cook with a lot of ingredients from A-Z methods. Then my wild thinking digested in a very different way. Wow this was toturing until one fine day I was invited to dine at HER place. Pasta is my favourite. I find my courage to ask n what she told me was totally different from what I knew my mom’s cooking. In the end the results still equally same. Indeed so simple.

That’s when I started to cook my very first pasta, then come Thai food and now I knew how to cook lamb chop. I can say the ingredients is simple and the method of cooking is half to a normal process.. Now everyday I’m looking forward for our dinner time ..what’s next for dinner hmmm…..


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