KID SWIMI remember there was one incident so many years ago, a mother lied to her kid about something and it backfired her on a very PERFECT time. I asked her what was she thinking of not giving the right answer? “She is still a kid and I don’t have time to explain. I’m a mother and full time housewife. There are zillion things to be done” wow I can give 10 marks for it. Hmm.. let me explain the scenario.

A kid was just started reading and saw the words prostitute on a paper..smart kid.

Kid: Mom, what is prostitute

Mom: What, why do you want to now?

Kid: I saw it on a paper. It says some kind of a job.

Mom: Owh, it’s kind of people who sale firecracker.

Kid: Wow!

Weeks later, the very same family host a party to welcome a new friend of his husband. Like usual the kid also joining and being talkative, become center of attentions. A wife of their special guest asking what would the kid be when she become adult. The little girl answered with full of confidence and without hesitations…PROSTITUTE. Kids or not, each of us have the right to get correct answer whether it is sweet or bitter. Only that we use our most perfect  words to whom we give the answer to.


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