imageBack in the 80’s where twin were consider rare in the community I used to feel odd and some kind of abnormal. People use to switch in between the two of us. Even my mom happened to wrongly fed my twin medicine as she sometimes couldn’t identified  unless ‘scanned’ us repeatedly. The only person that never made mistake was my father. How I missed him dearly.

This create problem since then until I land my second job in a financial institutions and she is attached to a government school. To my amused, attending a customer in my office, the wife busy asking am I running my part time job as a consultant. I have to give my standard explaination and somehow I think easier for me to record my answer and play it whenever people ask. Same goes to my twin, handling pupils registration parents came and asked for current deposits interest rates and documents needed to apply loans. When asked why didn’t they went to the bank to ask, she is mistakenly assume to be banks staff on charity events.

I remembered while standing at the back of my boss, he called me loudly. I thought he was somehow angry and asked him what’s the matter. To my surprised he answered me in a way I felt awkward. ” Since when were you at my back. I saw you on the opposite site chit chatting with office customers”. Wow..

This also create problems early stage of my school days. I was noted as hyperactive kid, outspoken and noisy kind of person. Contrast to my twin she’s kind of timid back then. There was one particular day, she create ‘mini orchestra’ at the back of the class as we were sitting last in row. Our teacher turn back and directly called my name. She asked me to stand outside at classroom balcony. Both of us try to explain but the teacher didn’t accept. On our way back home, even I’m quite disappointed on how our teacher react both of us laughed ourselves out.

Whatever it is, we both have gone through our ups down together regardless having our own family. I will always treasure the bonds we have had since inside the womb till now.


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