My spouse and I were talking about business strategy when my mind drift away from a trip to Cambodia few years ago. Before landing all my thinking was about the legendary Angkor Wat, Angelina Jolie famous movie Tombstone and shopping. We landed at Siem Reap airport and was shocked by the sudden heat I felt. It was dry season and I could feel the warm breeze passed by.

I was quite surprised how poor majorities of the people. The schools for the poor runs by NGO, mostly from South Korea, Japan and France apart some were partial funded by foreign banks there. I saw few people selling self made handicrafts and to my astonishment they were crippled or disabled. I was told by the tour guide that it was resulted by landmines scattered all over the countries. I managed to speak to one of the victim and she told me her “not so fond memories”. She showed me her skills weaving silk thread barely using one hand and one leg as both her right arm and leg amputated. It was really hard initially but she had to push herself to her limit otherwise she will become a burden to her mom. Her father was not in his sound mind effect of watching two of his sons being shot at their head with his own bare eyes by khmer rouge troop. Ironically it was their own people that did this to them. I could see determination and passion in her eyes every time she spoke. She spoke basic english but it does not deter her from being talkative to strangers. She showed me some material and crafts decorated with silk. I bought one despite of having any interest on the craft. What fascinated me so much was, seeing her tiny finger seems like dancing while weaving.

Life is not easy but God show me the beauty of it as long we embrace all with grace n passion. Happiness is always there…FB_IMG_1492570684519.jpg

p/s… please ignore the quality of the 2nd photo. ..amateurs…hahaha credit Siti Nazlin FB



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