Walking up n down the stairs made me feel exhausted so much. I didn’t bring a thing just checking disposable item from 1st to ground level. What fascinated me were the movers. They were stacking up 1 or 2 large boxes full of unnecessary items. All were foreign workes n I saw sweat running down their face. They cringed each time they lift up the box,  good enough to show the burden. Be it the heaviness of the box or responsibility back in their hometown. Most were quite young in their late twenties compare to me in my ‘4 series’ of age. They look soo ‘matured’ or shall I said old…

I was once told by my husband that most of their family didn’t bother the hardship they were facing.  His workers did confess, their family members back in their country was only thinking about money. They worked even on public holiday to get an extra as the wages itself couldn’t afford to accomodate what their families want. I feel sorry for them.

If just I could change the situations I prefer them back to their own country enjoy their living. For those living fortunate way of life this was a very good example to cheer ones life. Put a little bit of kindness in every actions we take. It will not make us any poorer to offer people a glass of water….


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