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Getting old is a must to everyone who have the chance.. (exclude to those who died young). Healthy or not still there is no second option. We can choose either become old gracefully or painfully.

I woke up in the morning n feel pain on my back. I know slowly I joint the ‘season’ club. Seeing older people with difficulties is totally different with handling own disabilities or problem.

I use to climb up trees but now to climb up few steps of stairs is a huge problem. Sitting down or standing too long also become a nightmare.

I become a frequent visitor to the hospitals. Doctor advised me to shed away kilos, again she mentioned woman in the later age facing low metabolic rate. My goodness, I’m facing one problem to another.

This when I decide to age gracefully rather then worried about something that surely come. I enjoyed my day despite of having a rough one or not. There were times I felt hopeless but able to move around and travel to some new places made my life meaningful. Yup life is beauiful…indeed really beautiful.


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