Trip of a lifetime


Eating Bok-eo was never came across my mind. I’m quite selective in terms of food compare to other family members. Oops.. I forgot to tell, Bok-eo is Korean name for puffer fish. On our trip to Busan recently we were looking for a place to eat and on the top spot was seafood as Busan also famous for it.

I could say each dish consist variety of seaweed, pickles and of course Bok-eo as the main dish. My mother was the first to say that it taste like puffer-fish but I hesitate to believe. My husband went outside to where they place a large basin full of puffer fish. He came in with sheepish smile on his face. “Wow, I eat Puffer today” he said. As I had never ate puffer before it kind of wierd to eat and the taste also not the one I use to. It cost us 10,000 won each and what surprised me was that cashier won’t accept people paid for others. We were made to line up to pay the bills. Something new though…

Back to Canvas Hostel the room were ready and we rushed our belongings in and get ready to roam. I chose private room to all members who joint the trip. Each of us were on twin sharing except my mom and sister took the family room as my aunt and cousin also joining them. The room surprisingly clean and neat with private bathroom and looks like a 3 star hotel instead of hostel. What I like about Canvas Hostel we can cook our own food. My mom and aunt excitedly suggesting to go to Haeundae Beach for sightseeing. It was around 2 pm but the cold breeze made it feels like early morning. I saw my mom smiling from ear to ear same goes few others who never been abroad before. I took deep breath, I swear it was the best moment ever seeing them happy..

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Luv U All……