Wow… I’ve been away for ages. I missed a lot of opportunities to share n blend with the community. I never knew broken spirit n being tossed away really put an impact on me. It seems my world getting smaller each day, until I almost suffocated.

I started late to counter back my difficulties.  I finally realized that no one able to help except  ME, yes myself. I’m chasing my long ago dream. Despite of finding my pocket running thin I started to travel again. Guess what I brought together the whole bunch of people who were thinking getting abroad only daydreaming.  I found happiness again in the smiling face of the ‘CLAN’. When I first told my spouse he said it was nice plan but seems absurd. I call my mom and asked her if she wanted to travel with me. She couldn’t believe I called her at 1 am  in the morning just to ask that simple question. She’s happy as I’m back in the `mood’.

Ups and down are the ingredients of life…its all depends on ourselves how to spice up our life’s and live to the fullest. There is always blessing in disguise and light at the end of a tunnel...NICE TO BE BACK.