KID SWIMI remember there was one incident so many years ago, a mother lied to her kid about something and it backfired her on a very PERFECT time. I asked her what was she thinking of not giving the right answer? “She is still a kid and I don’t have time to explain. I’m a mother and full time housewife. There are zillion things to be done” wow I can give 10 marks for it. Hmm.. let me explain the scenario.

A kid was just started reading and saw the words prostitute on a paper..smart kid.

Kid: Mom, what is prostitute

Mom: What, why do you want to now?

Kid: I saw it on a paper. It says some kind of a job.

Mom: Owh, it’s kind of people who sale firecracker.

Kid: Wow!

Weeks later, the very same family host a party to welcome a new friend of his husband. Like usual the kid also joining and being talkative, become center of attentions. A wife of their special guest asking what would the kid be when she become adult. The little girl answered with full of confidence and without hesitations…PROSTITUTE. Kids or not, each of us have the right to get correct answer whether it is sweet or bitter. Only that we use our most perfect  words to whom we give the answer to.



imageI’m not a food enthusiasts nor am I a food blogger. Still something about food create an aura for me to be link to some peoples life or me attached to them. I was transferred to a new place and I felt like an ogre among human. Language barrier is my common problem as I’m stick to my pure Sabahan dialect n my new place is a mixture of many sorts of local dialect be it Minang, Kelantan and so forth.

After married I never bother to cook as I still stay with my mom while my husband living far away abroad. Frankly I only cook basic things to eat as long not sleeping with an empty stomach. As my sister also coming in n stay together..voilà life becomes easier. No more cooking.. Y should I be in a kitchen when I have two best chef in the house. Then my ‘kitchen vacation’ ended as I lived by my own, I meant with my husband.

I’m drawn to one person in my workplace, the first person asked me out for lunch. HER jovial nature, motherly attitude well masked what she has gone through. Surprisingly person I once found quite ‘rough’ at that point of time become my closest friend.

Googling about recipes and phone calls become routines but never did the food taste  like one. I cook chicken in oyster sauce it ends up like sour sauce chicken. Then I started to halt myself from cooking. Yup, my buddy (spouse) started to question and again I forced my self to cook. I saw my mom n mother in law cook with a lot of ingredients from A-Z methods. Then my wild thinking digested in a very different way. Wow this was toturing until one fine day I was invited to dine at HER place. Pasta is my favourite. I find my courage to ask n what she told me was totally different from what I knew my mom’s cooking. In the end the results still equally same. Indeed so simple.

That’s when I started to cook my very first pasta, then come Thai food and now I knew how to cook lamb chop. I can say the ingredients is simple and the method of cooking is half to a normal process.. Now everyday I’m looking forward for our dinner time ..what’s next for dinner hmmm…..


Couple-sunsetI easily dozed off whenever I travel n this contradict my husband nature. He can sit for hours without sleeping. Between 40 minutes into journey I will started to feel very sleepy and my head became like woodpeckers knocking it beaks on a tree. I couldn’t help even how much I try to be wide awake. There was incident I took a small spray bottle to spray my eyes so I wouldn’t fall asleep. Wow, I would say it wouldn’t work.

Sometimes spouse can be our finest buddy but also the best critic. I remember one fine day, we were traveling n my ‘King’ was driving. As usual I felt sleepy and keep on yawning. I could never guess he will ‘bombard’ me with his words. “I thought we were staying in Asia and not somewhere in the Arctic Circle. You should be living in Iceland instead. It suits you well with longer time during the night” he didn’t even glance like what he use to when he spoke during his driving. Hewww…the words stung and I’ve been awake till we reached our destination. I guess guys can become very cynical ..like mom’s word..Agree?



Life is a journey, most say so.  For me life is a constant learning regardless what age  are we in, what situations we are in to. In facts life actually consists both journey and learning till our last destination.

From the very first time we breath into the world until we finally  say goodbye to everything and everyone, each chapter have it own significant event. When we were baby we took our first step, when we became toddler another remarkable achievement came along. Some might cherished each of the moment some might say it’s normal. For what ever it is, we somehow forgot how this made us for what we are.

Let’s focus for the positive vibe that come along with each of the unpleasant experience we have..

Hometown and Me

Me and my husband went out very early in the morning seeking a place for breakfast. I let the car window halfway down. I felt the cool fresh air sweep my face smoothly. I saw a very nice view as we passed through the village. Mountainous range can be seen clearly.

My mind drifted to my very own hometown. Come to think about it I couldn’t help but to share my fond memories of it. Where I could clearly see the mountain or watching sunset on white sandy beach. This were some of the photos of what my birthplace looks like..N why I love it so much.. I do hope that we treasure place like this and never sacrifice it for the sake of development..Love you Sabah…especially Kota Belud..

Credit for those who took these memorable and scenic view of Kota Belud..Bravo



In order to be kind, we have to be cruel. Wow nice quotes, indeed it is absolutely true. Sometimes I found life a bit cruel from my very own view. I walked out of my house with slouching posture. Tiny little black birds keep flying above my head in circles..guess what. It comes in package. The sky look grey, everything become dull and I felt every single human I met was staring at me with one scary look. Nevertheless what becomes my bread and butter now taste like vinegar. I wonder why life and the universe become so cruel towards me.

I realised that I was being too tough to my self and again unfair to my surroundings. Life have ups n down, only few incidents will follow our wants. Mostly will go against our will. Sitting alone while sipping my mocha my minds awake to the facts that I was teach to become patience, think wisely, to grow old gracefully.. To accept with open heart and mind. Then I start to see what a beautiful place I live in, nice people to make friends with (still few I couldn’t cope with to be frank.. I can’t deny that haha). True enough it takes long time to create a diamonds.. Pressure, time and maturity..




Being simple is not AS SIMPLE AS IT LOOKS. I strongly agree to the statement. Woman basically will say, I want it to be simple, look simple, everything simple and bla ..bla ..bla. The issues become hot sellers when published in books, made into movie or even talk show. Man from Mars Woman From Venus most will say.

Come to think about it, specific slipper for beach, hi boots for shopping and sexy stiletto for dinner that’s  what woman deem as simple. Whereas guys, beach or shopping still they wear the exact same SIMPLE shoes, and guess what. They wear it with much confident ..as confident as woman wearing her super red lipsticks. The point is woman simplicity is unique and classy I must say…